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Flat Flesh XF-15 81715 Tamiya 10ml
  • Flat Flesh XF-15 81715 Tamiya 10ml

Flat Flesh XF-15 81715 Tamiya 10ml

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Flat Flesh XF-15 81715 Tamiya 10ml

TAMIYA X and XF acrylic paints are made from water soluble acrylic resins and are ideal for brush painting or airbrush application.

These colors can be used on styrene resins, polystyrene foam, wood and all common plastics. For best adhesion, we recommend a previous primer (e.g. TAMIYA 300087044 white primer) of the respective material. The paint covers well, flows smoothly and is easy to mix. Before it hardens, the paint can be washed off with normal water.

- Colors marked with an "X" have a glossy finish, while colors marked "XF" are matte.

- For processing with airbrushes (depending on the nozzle used 0,25-0,50 mm), X- / XF colors should be thinned with TAMIYA X-20A acrylic thinner (81520, 81030 or 81040).

Contents: 10 ml

Type de peinture
Acrylique cellulosique

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