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Mirage IIID/DS 48054 Kinetic 1:48
  • Mirage IIID/DS 48054 Kinetic 1:48

Mirage IIID/DS 48054 Kinetic 1:48

: K48054 Kinetic 18
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Scale Model Mirage IIID/DS 48054 Kinetic 1:48

Versions :

  • Mirage IIIBE 13-ZJ, Squadron EC 1/13 "Artois" Armée de l'Air, BA132 Colmar Meyenheim 1989.
  • Mirage IIIBE 2-ZC, Squadron EC 2/2 "Côte d'Or", Armée de l'Air, BA102 Dijon-Lonvic 1982.
  • Mirage IIIDS J-2011 - Swiss Air Force - Schweizer Luftwaffe, Duberdorf AB 2003.
  • Mirage IIID A3-113, 2nd Operational Conversion Unit, Royal Austrian Air Force, RAAF Base Williamtown 1981.
  • Mirage IIIDE number CE11-29, Ejército del Aire ALA 11, Valencia-Manises AB, 1992.
  • Mirage IIID 2Z 849 - South African Air Force, 1985.

The Mirage III is a multi-role aircraft designed by the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation in the late 1950s. It was the first European-designed fighter aircraft capable of exceeding Mach 2 in horizontal flight.

The Mirage III has given rise to numerous variants and has met with notable success in export markets, with 21 user countries and 1,401 aircraft built (including the Mirage 5 versions). Switzerland, Australia and Belgium have built it under license. Israel has built local aircraft based on the Mirage III (Nesher and Kfir).

While the first Mirages were delivered in the early 1960s, many were still in service around the world at the beginning of the 21st century, 40 years later. They have generally been extensively modernized.

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